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The Importance of Fire Equipment Testing

Fire equipment testing is one of the most important maintenance programs which should be carried out on a regular basis. In order to make sure that all the fire equipment is in perfect working order a yearly check should be carried out by professionals. One of the most important equipment which need proper testing are fire extinguishers.

Fire extinguishers can help control a small fire or even stop one from spreading or tuning into an uncontrollable one. A small extinguisher is easy to douse a small fire and prevent the need for professional intervention.

The following are some of the ways in which a fire extinguisher is checked for safety and efficiency on your own:

  • Fire extinguishers need to be checked on a monthly basis to ensure that they are in proper working order. It can be exposed to danger and damage due to the everyday incidents which take place. Carrying out monthly check therefore is a necessity.
  • The first thing which you need to do is make sure that the fire extinguisher is in its designated place. The designated place is such that makes it easy to reach for the fire extinguisher when the need arises. It should be at a level which would be easy enough for anyone to reach easily.
  • Make sure you check the date for the last maintenance which is usually written on the extinguisher. This would make you know when you need to call in professionals for a yearly maintenance.
  • Do not forget to take a look at the pointer on the measuring gauge to note whether it is in the right position or not.
  • Also check the wall hanger and bracket to note whether it is secure enough to hold the extinguisher in the right position.
  • You should also lift the extinguisher and move it up and down to note whether it is filled with the right amount of chemical.
  • Take a close look at the shell of the extinguisher. Check it for signs of damage and corrosion. Also take a look if you could spot any other types of impairments.
  • The hose and the nozzle of the extinguisher should also be checked to see if there are any problems or obstructions which might hinder the flow of the chemical.

While a fire extinguisher isn’t something people pay a great deal of attention to but you need to ensure that it is proper working order when and if the need arises. Sometimes fire extinguishers just don’t work because the pressure gauze isn’t working or it fell down and there’s a dent in it.

Besides these monthly checks fire extinguishers also need to be tested by professionals on a yearly basis. They would ensure that the extinguishers are in working order by carrying out a series of tests.

Fire extinguishers are of different kind. Each of these are used to contain a number of fires which originate from different sources. Professional’s tests different fire extinguishers to make sure that those are in proper working order.

Metal Fabrication

Finding the right metal fabrication shop

Metal fabrication is a procedure which involves, cutting, shaping and assembling metal sheets into large structures which can be used as machinery or in designing buildings. High quality metal fabricated products can be a valuable addition to any industry. Several processes are involved which take place before the complete result is obtained. Though the process might look simple enough, there goes a great deal of effort in producing a structure which can be put to further use.

The first thing which a metal fabricator does is design the structure on a piece of paper. The drawing needs to be as precise and scaled as possible. This is because most metal fabricating equipment is powered by automatically run software which needs precise instructions and input to ensure that the final product is exactly what it was intended to be.

So how do you find a metal fabrication shop which does and perform quality work. You know there are many shops which advertise the quality of their work. But how do you know they are reliable? Keep the following things in mind when looking for a steel fabrication shop.

  • Start with writing down a list of all shops which offer metal fabrication services. Once you have the list it is time to find where each of these services are located. It is normally advised to choose a company which is easier to reach and nearer to you in commute. This is because metal fabrication involves building of giant structures and having to transport those huge structures might be expensive if there is a great deal of distance.
  • Also the nearer it is in commute the easier it would be for you to make the journey to the metal fabrication shop. You can easily talk to the person in charge of the fabrication. You could even check out the work in progress and also suggest any changes in a step by step manner.
  • Also ask the company to provide you with a catalogue. This will help you understand the kind of fabrication procedures which are carried out in their workshops and also the kind of structures they specialise in.
  • Usually companies specialise in designing custom products only however there are those who can also help design individual pieces. This by no means is an indication that you shouldn’t take a look at their pre-fabricated products. In most cases this is the easiest thing to do because it can help save time.
  • Also get to know the turnaround time they have to offer to their customers. You would want to ensure that the product is completed and delivered on time. Therefore it could be an important decisive factor in choosing a company.
  • The most important thing though is the kind of customer service that they offer. Do they provide quality work? Are they open to queries? If they carry out custom projects do they give you an analysis of how things are progressing?

3 Signs Your Office needs Refurbishment

If you’ve been working in the same office for more than a year or so, there are chances that the office building needs a little refurbishment. There are clear signs which will indicate the need to refurbish your office other than the need to be stylish and updated with the new things in modern architecture and design.

Office refurbishment Melbourne services happen to have different rates, different styles and even different locations. You can select the one that suits your office and can make you work less. The best thing about getting these services is that half your job is eliminated when you let the professionals take care of your office.

Here are the top three signs you will notice in your work space which cry for a quick refurbishment:

1. The Walls

No matter how expensive and exclusive the texture and the paint of your walls in the office is, you will definitely need a refurbishment or a simple top coat after a year. Simply for aesthetic purposes, the wall color needs to be changed and needs to be replaced. You will have to ensure that the colors are kept in terms with the nature of business you have. However, it is very important that the walls are done as per your requirements.

2. The Furniture


After a year, your couches or your seats might need a refurbishment. While a total replacement is not possible in a year’s time, it is important that you get the couches and other furniture maintained. For instance, you can get the wooden furniture polished for a brand new look. You can have the polish or cloth of the couches changed to ensure they look new.

The couches or seats that are used the most look faded after a year’s time and need to be changed to make sure the office looks new and does not have any concerns.

3. The Accessories

The little things and the attention to detail in any work place is very important. You need to ensure that the accessories or decorative pieces are up to date in accordance with the modern designs and interior decorations. You need to make sure that the accessories are kept maintained and advanced with the need of the day.

For example, from the smallest things such as stationary sticky notes and pen holders and even the pens. You need to make sure that the little things in the office are replaced and changed after a year’s time. This is because the little details add a touch of finesse and attention to detail in your office. You will experience a good time in the office and a lightening of your mood once you have these things taken care of.

Rotation motion: the Earth turns on itself

In the rotation motion the Earth revolves around itself. If you read yourself to turn on yourself, after a while you would fall to the ground. Planet Earth, on the other hand, the planet we live on, turns on itself continuously in space and, of course, never falls! Turning and turning on itself the Earth alternates between day and night. It is called rotational motion. 

The Earth rotates on its axis counterclockwise , ie from west to east. Does the Earth take around 24 hours to complete a whole turn on itself? That is, precisely, 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4 seconds. Which means that the rotation speed of the Earth, measured at the equator, is about 1,700 km per hour.

All planets revolve on themselves in space. Some take more time, compared to the Earth, to make a whole turn on themselves: it is the case of Venus, so slow that  one day is 243 days of our planet! The giant  Jupiter, however, is a very fast planet: one day lasts less than 10 hours! 


Revolutionary motorcycles: the Earth revolves around the Sun.

In addition to turning on itself, the Earth also revolves around the Sun , in a continuous and constant turn called a revolutionary motion. 
The Earth rotates at a great distance from the Sun ( about 150 million km ), because otherwise … it would take fire! You’re joking, eh, guys! Even if we do not notice anything in reality, turning around the Sun, the Earth goes rather fast and moves in space to 30 km per second, or 108 thousand km per hour. 

Why, if the Earth turns and everything turns, we do not fall?

The Earth turns on itself and also around the Sun. It turns everything … And if everything goes around, why do not we fall? I know, you all asked yourself this question. And it’s not so easy to answer, you know ?! The laws of the Universe are so strange, mysterious and difficult to explainthat trying to do it in a few simple words is a difficult task. I try.

We start from the force of gravity , which in practice is the attraction that exists between the bodies . The Earth exercises on all the objects that contains such a strong attraction that it keeps us on the ground and prevents us from flying in space. Not only that: as humans, animals and all earthly things turn at the same speed as the Earth (rotational motion) and move in space at the same speed of displacement (revolving motion) we do not notice either of the two movements . If not for the fact that, always, every day follows the night. And so it will be until the end of time.

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