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Tips for buying commercial hospitality equipment

Whether you are planning on revamping your restaurant or planning to build a new one there are certain things that you need to keep in mind when choosing commercial hospitality equipment. It is crucial to invest in the right kind of equipment because it can have a major impact on how your business works. As a business owner you are responsible to manage the budget of your venture.

There are certain ways where you can maximize existing space in your kitchen and also purchase equipment which is cost effective.

What you need to consider when buying commercial hospitality equipment

It doesn’t really matter whether you are managing a food truck, a catering business or restaurant business the right hospitality equipment is an integral part of your business operation. It is important that you find a trustworthy and reliable supplier. This is one way of ensuring that you only get the quality equipment and after sales services.

The next thing to consider is the cost of the equipment. You should not only consider the initial purchasing cost but rather the running cost which are associated while using the equipment. These would include the use of electricity or fuel. This way you would be able to compare the various pieces of equipment and see which one is best for your business in the long run. Example an energy efficient unit may cost more initially but can help save on the electricity and water bill over the period of time. Utility charges are increasing every year you would be able to recover any extra money that you spend during the initial investment.

Also the layout of your workspace would determine what kind of equipment you should be purchasing. For example you have to make sure that anything you buy would be easily fit into the current layout. you must invest in pieces which not only help you save space but also saves your time and the labor cost.

The focus should be on buying equipment which would be able to meet the demand and deliver the desired results for stop if you buy at a point which is two way it is going to cost you more and also increase the utility bill. On the other hand if the equipment is too small it will create a whole lot of stress because it is going to take more time and you might just making your customers dissatisfied with your restaurant service.

Last but not the least you should also consider the food safety requirements which come with the uses of the commercial equipment for your business. You should be on the lookout for an equipment which uses minimum energy and is the highest standard performance. It should be the kind of equipment which would help minimize food contamination. It should be able to meet the current trend and should be in consideration with the dietary preferences and the food in tolerances of all the people who come to eat at your restaurant.

MVO Catering Equipment can help you fit your commercial kitchen with the right equipment and machinery.

What to Consider when Hiring a personal mechanic

For most car owners, having mechanical issues with their vehicles is one of the most dreaded occurrences. Your car breaking down at the least expected time is always a concern. Unplanned mechanical services mean huge repair fees that end up reflecting on your account. However, to avoid this, you can hire a personal mechanic or car repair firm to service your vehicle. That reduces the chances of mechanical issues since your car is always maintained. They are also continually on the lookout for possible problems and fixing them before they occur. Nevertheless, choosing the right car service shop can be quite a challenge. Thus, here are five factors you can consider before hiring a car repair shop;


  • Reputation

Before hiring a car repair firm or mechanic, it is wise to; comprehensively research the mechanic’s reputation. This can be done by; asking your friends, family, or associates about a mechanic they’d recommended. Also, since the internet has connected us all, it is easier to check someone’s reputation by searching the business name on google. You can start with places like Facebook and Twitter and check the customer reviews for the best mechanic.

  • Experience

Most cars require different mechanical experience. It is wise that you get a mechanic who has up-to-date experience on your vehicle and can deliver top quality service. That can be done; by hiring a mechanic with years of experience. Still, before hiring a mechanic, go through his portfolio and get a clue of what he or she does. By doing this, you will be able to access his experience level and access his work.

  • Pricing

Since you don’t want to spend an arm or a leg servicing your car, you can consider finding an experienced mechanic who doesn’t charge you a fortune. However, the task can be challenging since setting prices varies depending on the type of work done by a particular mechanic or service shop. Therefore, it can be wise to look for self-employed mechanics who have their businesses, as they are usually affordable.

  • Warranty

Some mechanics offer a guarantee on their work. A full warranty gives you confidence by ensuring that your vehicle is insured; in the case of any mechanical damage after the routine service. Therefore, if possible, try and get a mechanic who offers some warranty. However, it is wise to get the Warranty in writing since it can be subject to limitations that can include mileage and time.

  • Qualifications

When hiring a mechanic, ask to see his credentials and qualifications. The most reputable automotive certification comes from automotive service excellence. The ASE is nationally recognized and ensures all mechanics have the expertise to perform quality service on your car. Having the certification means the mechanic has passed lengthy competitive tests involving car repairs Strathpine. Remember to check the mechanic and shop’s rating. That ensures you get the strengths and expertise of the mechanic or shop before hiring them.

Choosing a mechanic is not always simple, but it’s worth your time. You can start by finding someone who is enthusiastic or specialize in your type of car. Find someone with a good reputation and experience backed with good customer service. A good mechanic will have a great portfolio that displays his experience and the types of vehicles he has repaired. Also, find one who is honest with good customer relations.


Types of Retaining Walls

The popularity of retaining walls has become addictive in both commercial and residential landscaping. First of all, they bring with them lovely stonework and let you transform your garden into a magical place. Retaining walls came to be used to enhance flower beds and areas where there are statues or fountains. They can help prevent soil erosion and help with too much rainwater. Retaining walls can provide a very decorative spot in your garden. When considering adding retaining walls to your space, it is good to know what types of retaining walls you can choose from and how they are used.


Use of retaining walls


Retaining walls help people create terraces on usable land slopes. They can be made into all kinds of creations and provide beauty where otherwise there would be soil and plants. They greatly help with water flow and slow down the trickles when rainfall comes. Retaining walls are an excellent way to make sure your garden does not flood and keep water on flowers and plants. Retaining walls can also provide seating for people admiring gardens. They can become a wonderful place to sit for a while and have a chat.


Types of retaining walls


A gravity retaining wall is one of the basics, and this retaining wall uses all of its weight and bulk to keep soil in place. Since these types of retaining walls are mostly about the importance, they also offer the most comprehensive choices; you can opt to get gravity retaining walls in pavers, brick, and unmortared stone. Another smart option is the dry-stacked stone. The shorter variety of the walls won’t need extra reinforcement, but the larger require a small trench into which the wall can be fitted.


Cantilevered Retaining Wall is also referred to as a reinforced retaining wall. Through its masonry or concrete, there are steel bars. The cantilevered retaining wall has an affixed L-shaped slab foundation that goes under the soil for support. The soil makes sure the slab stays down so this retaining wall cannot tip over; this retaining wall is mostly used for commercial purposes due to its strength,


A sheet piling retaining wall is used when there is less space to set up a wall, This type of retaining wall is dug directly down into the soil and made of steel, wood, or vinyl. For additional reinforcement, these walls have a vertically corrugated structure. These types mostly work in places with softer soil. For a gigantic wall, you need something extra to anchor it with to stay in place.


An anchored retaining wall needs different fronts of retaining walls supported by anchors driven into the soil behind them and then backed by cables. The anchors usually get pushed into the ground mechanically. They stay upright and in their place.


It is all really about what kind of garden space you have to choose the retaining wall you want to use. If you have a commercial area with fountains and statues, you might consider the more extensive and sturdier retaining walls. You can create a wonderful space in your garden for your friends to sit and admire the flowers and plants around them. Retaining walls can be very decorative, and they are a great asset to any garden, especially when the rains come so that the soil does not start to drain away and root up the flowers and plants.

Learn more about retaining walls when you visit hammerexcavations.com.au/retaining-walls-melbourne.





How to Maintain A Truck Electrical System

It isn’t easy to understand the electrical system of a truck. It requires lots of experience and knowledge. Therefore, before you think of any maintenance practices, ensure that you genuinely understand the process. In case you want to install an alternator, for instance, ensure that your battery can support its charging rate. While battery manufacturers provide such information, it’s up to you to ensure that you met such a threshold.


From igniting your car to the end of your journey, the electrical system plays a critical role. That makes it one of the essential system of a functional vehicle. Failure of this system can cause a huge inconvenience and a huge repair cost. Therefore, preventive maintenance should be your priority if you own a truck.


The Working of a Truck’s Electrical System

A truck’s electrical system is responsible for powering lots of aspects in your truck. Its starts and powers the engine, door locks, windows, headlights, defrosters, interior lights, radio, sunroof, etc. A poorly functioning electrical system can, therefore, strain a lot to deliver efficient results.

Major components of the electrical system include:


The battery: the battery is the source of the electrical current used in powering the truck’s ignition and fuel system. According to experts, it is advisable always to purchase a high-quality battery because it comes with incredible lifecycle cost despite the high initial cost.


Starter: the starter usually receives power from the battery, which is the starter uses to rotate the flywheel, which turns the crankshaft. A faulty starter means the engine won’t work.

Alternator: this part is responsible for charging your car battery.


Maintaining Your Trucks Electrical System

The electrical system, like other systems, undergoes wear, and tear. So, there is a serious need for regular maintenance to avoid major issues.

Here are essential things to do:


●      Regularly check the battery

Cleaning the battery terminals and battery cables is very important because these parts are prone to corrosion. Once a month, inspect these parts to ensure that there’s no build-up of corrosions. If there’s any, clean using corrosion fluid for batteries or water and baking soda.

Note that batteries won’t charge in freezing temperatures. It is important to insulate them with an insulating blanket to prevent them from losing heat. Additionally, ensure that your truck’s cables are sufficient for the conditions.


A truck electrical services expert should inspect the cables and use an ohmmeter to determine the resistance instead of using a voltmeter. An ohmmeter uses precise results. Keep in mind that a well-charged battery can support a starter for longer – give it a longer life. Remember, an inadequately charged battery gives less power- meaning slower cranking. But the starter will still draw a massive amount of this power.


●      Drive belt inspection is necessary

The belts are prone to cracking, glazing along the surface as well as drying. Again, check the tension of the belt. Call a qualified technician to help you check the belt’s tension and adjust accordingly – of course, if you lack the skills.


●      Battery replacement

How old is your battery? Any battery more than four years old might need replacing. An old battery almost always does not provide enough power to start a vehicle. That means you’ll be calling tow services. Always check with a qualified mechanic to see if you need a battery replacement.





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