Mining surveyors

A mining surveyor is someone who has the technical know-how, the art and profession to determine the three-dimensional positions of terrestrial distances and angles. Mine surveyors are responsible for the production of plans of the mining area and the underground mineral surveying and record-keeping in all the mining operations. Mining surveyors also get involved in the estimation and calculation of the ore production in terms of volume and mass. Mining surveyors are sometimes referred to as mineral resource surveyors. They are sometimes human resources used to determine the concentration of the ore and divide the blocks with the help of a geologist.


Duties of a mining surveyor

  • Accurately take measurements and keep the records of all the mining activities
  • They do designing, planning, and impose safety measures in all the mining activities
  • Record and plan surface and the underground mining activities
  • Represent the findings and accurately convert them to plans


Prerequisites before becoming a mine surveyor

  • You should have an authorised certification of competence, or any other relevant equivalent recognised certification.
  • A license under the federal laws and regulation to undertake mining operations
  • The mine surveyors can work as a team or independently. Junior mine surveyors can work under the senior mine surveyor as long as they are whole meet the set standards and regulations.
  • Should be competent when using mine survey instruments and equipment to ensure precision and to ensure accuracy is attained with a 1:5000 ratio.
  • Graduate from a local university or abroad with recognised certification with a bias on the mining survey.
  • Physical fitness is paramount because the workplace in the fields are not friendly

Digitization and automation of mining survey job

As a mining survey, you should be able to ask yourself whether in over a few coming years the mine survey job will still be existing or will be replaced by automation and digitisation. With the changes in the industry, we expect some job cuts in the mining industry.


Survey and drafting policy directions

These are resources and energy regulations that should be followed in the mining field by the mining surveyors in whether it is in open-cut mining operations or on the underground mining activities. This information acts as an advice to the board of surveyors and the spatial information and geoscience institute as a whole.


Requirements of a mine plan

  • Should possess the accurate origin of the coordinates
  • Should have a have the relationship to the grid map of the entire country
  • Surface quarry operations that show the real shape and size of all the excavations carried out in a mining area.
  • Underground operations should be well  documented in a mine plan
  • The date and time the plan was made and the name of the plan authors.
  • Should contain all the best mining practices that can be followed without infringing the law of the land.

Where a mining surveyor works

It has never been proven that mining surveyors translate to a certain percentage because they work in a specific niche that requires specialised skill set, but on the general point of view,  70% of architectural and engineering is covered. Changing from architectural or structural engineering needs little tune-up and skill set updates for one to diversify. The salary pay given to the mining surveyor is relative to other types of surveyors.

Always employ specialised mining surveyors to have the work required properly and expertly done.






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