Rotation motion: the Earth turns on itself

In the rotation motion the Earth revolves around itself. If you read yourself to turn on yourself, after a while you would fall to the ground. Planet Earth, on the other hand, the planet we live on, turns on itself continuously in space and, of course, never falls! Turning and turning on itself the Earth alternates between day and night. It is called rotational motion. 

The Earth rotates on its axis counterclockwise , ie from west to east. Does the Earth take around 24 hours to complete a whole turn on itself? That is, precisely, 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4 seconds. Which means that the rotation speed of the Earth, measured at the equator, is about 1,700 km per hour.

All planets revolve on themselves in space. Some take more time, compared to the Earth, to make a whole turn on themselves: it is the case of Venus, so slow that  one day is 243 days of our planet! The giant  Jupiter, however, is a very fast planet: one day lasts less than 10 hours! 


Revolutionary motorcycles: the Earth revolves around the Sun.

In addition to turning on itself, the Earth also revolves around the Sun , in a continuous and constant turn called a revolutionary motion. 
The Earth rotates at a great distance from the Sun ( about 150 million km ), because otherwise … it would take fire! You’re joking, eh, guys! Even if we do not notice anything in reality, turning around the Sun, the Earth goes rather fast and moves in space to 30 km per second, or 108 thousand km per hour. 

Why, if the Earth turns and everything turns, we do not fall?

The Earth turns on itself and also around the Sun. It turns everything … And if everything goes around, why do not we fall? I know, you all asked yourself this question. And it’s not so easy to answer, you know ?! The laws of the Universe are so strange, mysterious and difficult to explainthat trying to do it in a few simple words is a difficult task. I try.

We start from the force of gravity , which in practice is the attraction that exists between the bodies . The Earth exercises on all the objects that contains such a strong attraction that it keeps us on the ground and prevents us from flying in space. Not only that: as humans, animals and all earthly things turn at the same speed as the Earth (rotational motion) and move in space at the same speed of displacement (revolving motion) we do not notice either of the two movements . If not for the fact that, always, every day follows the night. And so it will be until the end of time.

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