What to Consider when Hiring a personal mechanic

For most car owners, having mechanical issues with their vehicles is one of the most dreaded occurrences. Your car breaking down at the least expected time is always a concern. Unplanned mechanical services mean huge repair fees that end up reflecting on your account. However, to avoid this, you can hire a personal mechanic or car repair firm to service your vehicle. That reduces the chances of mechanical issues since your car is always maintained. They are also continually on the lookout for possible problems and fixing them before they occur. Nevertheless, choosing the right car service shop can be quite a challenge. Thus, here are five factors you can consider before hiring a car repair shop;


  • Reputation

Before hiring a car repair firm or mechanic, it is wise to; comprehensively research the mechanic’s reputation. This can be done by; asking your friends, family, or associates about a mechanic they’d recommended. Also, since the internet has connected us all, it is easier to check someone’s reputation by searching the business name on google. You can start with places like Facebook and Twitter and check the customer reviews for the best mechanic.

  • Experience

Most cars require different mechanical experience. It is wise that you get a mechanic who has up-to-date experience on your vehicle and can deliver top quality service. That can be done; by hiring a mechanic with years of experience. Still, before hiring a mechanic, go through his portfolio and get a clue of what he or she does. By doing this, you will be able to access his experience level and access his work.

  • Pricing

Since you don’t want to spend an arm or a leg servicing your car, you can consider finding an experienced mechanic who doesn’t charge you a fortune. However, the task can be challenging since setting prices varies depending on the type of work done by a particular mechanic or service shop. Therefore, it can be wise to look for self-employed mechanics who have their businesses, as they are usually affordable.

  • Warranty

Some mechanics offer a guarantee on their work. A full warranty gives you confidence by ensuring that your vehicle is insured; in the case of any mechanical damage after the routine service. Therefore, if possible, try and get a mechanic who offers some warranty. However, it is wise to get the Warranty in writing since it can be subject to limitations that can include mileage and time.

  • Qualifications

When hiring a mechanic, ask to see his credentials and qualifications. The most reputable automotive certification comes from automotive service excellence. The ASE is nationally recognized and ensures all mechanics have the expertise to perform quality service on your car. Having the certification means the mechanic has passed lengthy competitive tests involving car repairs Strathpine. Remember to check the mechanic and shop’s rating. That ensures you get the strengths and expertise of the mechanic or shop before hiring them.

Choosing a mechanic is not always simple, but it’s worth your time. You can start by finding someone who is enthusiastic or specialize in your type of car. Find someone with a good reputation and experience backed with good customer service. A good mechanic will have a great portfolio that displays his experience and the types of vehicles he has repaired. Also, find one who is honest with good customer relations.


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