Why a Dual Battery System is Necessary for Off Road Adventures

The further you are off the road, the more necessary it is to have a backup plan to ensure a smooth and safe journey. You don’t want to have a dead battery on your hands to put a damper on all the fun and enjoyment. Even if you use the vehicle for work purposes its necessary that your battery doesn’t give up on you.

Imagine being stranded in the woods or a place which doesn’t have a population anywhere. Not a very pleasant thought. However, it is something which is quite common when you forget to turn off the headlights of your vehicle or accidentally left the radio on.

An additional battery can serve quite a few purposes. From operating winches in tough situations to power a portable fridge and everything else in between. Most  4 WD owners purchase a dual battery system for your 4 wheel drive to make sure you won’t get stranded and you can always use your power tools.

A dual battery system simply means that you add an additional battery and wire it to the connection of your vehicle’s integrated electrical system. The primary function of the pre-installed battery is to power the vehicle and ignite the engine. It helps a cold engine run and in turn power a number of other devices in the vehicle. However, all this work is normally done when the engine is up and running. For off-road adventures like camping, where it is necessary to use a portable fridge or even use a winch a dual battery system can come in pretty handy.

If you have considered using a single battery only, it should be kept in mind that once the battery starts draining it needs to have ample time to recharge itself. This is not possible with a single battery system.

A deep cycle battery is necessary when there is a need for an extra energy source for an extended period of time. It usually happens during off-road adventures. So make sure the second battery which you install is one with a deep cycle.

A second battery is usually placed in the engine bay where there might be enough space to accommodate one. Also, there are certain aftermarket accessories like battery holding trays which provide space to place a dual battery system. This allows for both the batteries to be placed in the same position.

While there are aftermarket accessories to suit every battery system and all kinds of vehicles, if you own a popular 4 WD, you are bound to find a custom packaged especially for your vehicle. The package comes along with wiring, solenoid switches, and mounting hardware. If mounting the battery is a challenge there is also additional hardware like frame mounts to help make installation easier.

All you need is the right kind of dual battery system and the right aftermarket accessories to make installation a breeze. Just make sure that you only buy quality products manufactured with the highest standards.

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